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SOPRA Viognier

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Colline di Sopra


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Colline di Sopra


Viognier is a variety of white wine and is grown mainly in the Rhone Valley. The yield of the Viognier is generally weak. In addition, due to the phylloxera crisis, the cultivation of this grape variety was almost abandoned.

Colline di Sopra


Manual harvest. Selection of berries with an optical selection machine. Both fermentation and aging take place directly in new oak barrels French Seguin Moreau, Icone Blanc ML. The aging continues for 12 months in the same barrique. Afterwards, we carry out bottling (without filtering).

Colline di Sopra


This white wine with a strong color has a complex bouquet, with heady aromas of apricot and peach, but also of violet and lily of the valley. Sopra Viognier BIO shows personality and character and reveals a very present note of refinement. The lively freshness, deep structure and persistent length make it a complex wine. A natural concentration that goes hand in hand with mineral freshness

Colline di Sopra


Wine can accompany a wide variety of dishes, for example risotto with spring vegetables or even asparagus. But it also goes well with white meats, poultry, fish and cheeses.

Colline di Sopra


8° - 10° C

Colline di Sopra

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Gas chromatography selection ensures TCA-free Soc.