Colline di Sopra – Montescudaio Tuscany



“Sane vinum pueris est alienissimum, ita senibus aptissimum”

Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio
Colline di Sopra
Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio
Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio
Colline di Sopra

Tradition and love for pure wine, as given to us by mother earth.


Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio

Our domains

COLLINE DI SOPRA is an estate of about 450 ha, comprising
94 ha of vineyards divided between typical Tuscan coastal grape varieties (old vines) and new crops plantation.

The estate also includes a wooded area of around 300 ha with a lake in its interior, a leisure area for those who enjoy walking in nature.

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Discover all the experiences and beauty of our vineyards nestled in the magnificent Tuscan hills

The location


Colline di Sopra stands on a hill for centuries devoted to wine production, in the heart of the Val di Cecina. This long valley that stretches along the course of the river of the same name, occupies the southern part of the province of Pisa, until it touches some territories in the provinces of Siena and Grosseto.

The municipality in which we are located is Montescudaio, a small town included in the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Since the beginning of the Etruscan civilisation (6th century BC), wine has been produced in these lands. In Tuscany, this was one of the few areas where the ‘Vitis Vinifera Silvestris’ (wild vine) grew, the progenitor of all the native vines that later spread throughout Italy. In the 15th century, numerous vineyards were planted in these areas previously covered by thick forests, but the real turning point in the increase in wine production came with the coming to power of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, particularly under the reign of Leopold II of Lorraine in the 17th century.

These hills, guarded behind them by Volterra, slope down to the sea in a landscape more than unique in Tuscany.
Volterra, world-famous for its historical centre of Etruscan origin and for the extraction and production of alabaster, is only 35 minutes’ drive away, while, heading towards the coast, we find Cecina, on the Etruscan coast, only 15 minutes away; considered the pearl of the Livorno coastline, it offers white beaches and an extensive Mediterranean pine forest in which to walk, cycle or have Sunday picnics in the shade of the thick Mediterranean scrub.

After enjoying these beautiful landscapes, a tasting of local wines at the Colline di Sopra estate, now owned by Swiss entrepreneur Ulrich Ziegler, is a must.