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Colline di Sopra

Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio

Biodynamics beyond Bio

Tradition and love for pure wine,
as given to us by mother earth.

Our aim is to produce single-varietywines of the highest quality, following natural and sustainable methods.

We use renewable energies and collect and reuse rainwater.

Our wine production follows the EU guidelines for organic farming and is controlled by the ICEA certification institute.

In the cellar, we work with indigenous yeasts and without filtering.

We strictly adhere to organic and biodynamic principles.

In the vineyard, we promote soil fertility with targeted multi-year sowing.

This is important for the vitality of the vines and promotes the presence of beneficial insects for the integrated balance.

We consider the vineyard a living organism and work biodynamically with cornosilica, nettle, valerian, orange extract and milk for plant health, following the phases of the moon.

Colline di Sopra
Colline di Sopra
Colline di Sopra



The main selection takes place in the vineyard during the spring; we leave only one bunch per shoot in order to obtain grapes richer in minerals and intense aromas.

A choice that allows us to obtain wines of superior quality, which do not require manipulation or additives during vinification and ageing.

At Colline di Sopra all processes respect the Bio and Biodynamic criteria because we are convinced that nature responds to ‘respect’ with ‘generosity’.

During the grape harvest we carry out a meticulous manual sorting, after which the selection of each individual berry takes place

using an optical reader, which automatically discards those that do not meet the set parameters.

The undamaged berries are placed in the vat and undergo cold maceration. Alcoholic fermentation takes place at a maximum temperature of 26°C.

The total maceration time is approximately 25 days.

This is followed by racking and placing in new barriques for two years. At this stage we also use the bâtonnage technique and the wine is matured without sulphur.

Colline di Sopra
Colline di Sopra
Colline di Sopra


The winery and its terroir

The modern organic winery Colline di Sopra was founded in the autumn of 2006 and finally taken over by agronomist Ing. Ulrich Ziegler in 2015. After a careful geological study of the terroir and several consultations with local winegrowers, it was possible to establish both the working dynamics and the type of vines to be planted.

The total area of the company is 450 ha, of which 90 ha are planted with vines divided into four excellent terroirs: