Colline di Sopra – Montescudaio Tuscany

SOPRA Cabernet Sauvignon

Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio
Colline di Sopra


Costa Toscana Rosso IGT

Colline di Sopra


Cabernet Sauvignon

Colline di Sopra


Manual harvest. Selection of berries with an optical selection machine. Fermentation with indigenous yeast in steel vats and then malolactic fermentation. The aging of 24 months takes place in new barriques in Rovere French, Seguin Moreau, Icone Elégance ML. Afterwards, we carry out the bottling (without filtering)

Colline di Sopra


The color is compact, intense dark ruby. The perfumes have their own personal characteristic with hints of myrtle, elderberry, currant, flowers and fruits of Mediterranean scrub, which give the sense of a widespread maturity and a close link with the surrounding environment. The taste is soft and concentrated, resting on a robust scaffolding, with layers and layers of tannins of excellent maturity; The finish is still young but not decomposed, it has yet to fully express its potential and needs to remain in the bottle, but its prospects for longevity are remarkable and, although already enjoyable, it can be "forgotten" in the cellar for a long time.

Colline di Sopra


It is difficult to say which is the best combination because this wine is able to accompany many dishes.What is certain is that this red wine goes wonderfully with meat dishes, especially with beef.

Colline di Sopra


16° - 18° C

Colline di Sopra

The cap

Gas chromatography selection ensures TCA-free Soc.