Colline di Sopra – Montescudaio Tuscany

SOPRA Grappa di Cabernet Franc

Category: Grappa

Raw materials: Obtained from the careful distillation of Cabernet Franc marc from Colline di Sopra (Tuscany)

Distillation method: Distilled in a steam current in a continuous still.

Ageing: In French oak barrels for 12 months.

Tasting: A careful distillation of the pomace of Cabernet Franc, rich in character and personality, produces a grappa of equal intensity and fullness of flavour. Clean and persistent on the nose, with light herbaceous hints. It is warm to the taste, thus not disappointing the expectations of those who want it to be an authentic grappa, linked to the vine of origin and the territory.

Service and Food Pairing:
10-12 °C in a tulip-shaped goblet. Savoured with a semi-mature cheese and a tomato jam, it brings out its original characteristics. Excellent after a good coffee of pure Arabica.

Alcohol content and packaging: 40% Alc. – 500 ml Bordeaux bottle with separate case.