Colline di Sopra – Montescudaio Tuscany

SOPRA Petit Verdot

Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio
Colline di Sopra


Costa Toscana Rosso IGT

Colline di Sopra


Petit Verdot

Colline di Sopra


Manual harvest. Selection of berries with an optical selection machine. Fermentation with indigenous yeast in steel vats and then malolactic fermentation. The aging of 24 months takes place in new barriques in Rovere French, Seguin Moreau, Icone Elégance ML. Afterwards, we carry out bottling (without filtering).

Colline di Sopra


The color is dark, almost black, concentrated and at the same time bright. The aromas are very original, with strong balsamic notes, hints of anise, mint and chocolate (after-eight), devoid of vegetal hints. The attack on the palate is decisive, balanced, very dense but not aggressive; The fruit is intact and ripe, the fresh acidity stimulates and presses it, the tannins are exuberant but also sweet and tasty and the finish does not develop in breadth but in depth, with aromatic returns of spicy and balsamic character. A wine that presents itself, despite its young age and some tannins to soften, already in good conditions of balance and accompanied by an interesting personality.

Colline di Sopra


This wine is very suitable for first courses seasoned with meat sauce and fillets with pepper, but does not disdain any preparation based on game, including Tuscan crostini.

Colline di Sopra


16° - 18° C

Colline di Sopra

The cap

Gas chromatography selection ensures TCA-free Soc.