Colline di Sopra – Montescudaio Tuscany

SOPRA Cabernet Franc

Colline di Sopra vini distillati olio
Colline di Sopra


Costa Toscana Rosso IGT

Colline di Sopra


Cabernet Franc

Colline di Sopra


Manual harvest. Selection of berries with an optical selection machine. Fermentation with indigenous yeast in steel vats and then malolactic fermentation. The aging of 24 months takes place in new barriques in Rovere French, Seguin Moreau, Icone Elégance ML. Afterwards, we carry out the bottling (without filtering)

Colline di Sopra


The color is dark ruby with bright reflections. The aromas are very characteristic and complex, with spicy hints of white pepper, currants, blueberries, cedar and fresh balsamic notes. In the mouth emerges a lively, intact and crunchy fruit, with a dynamic and reactive taste development, in continuous progression. The tannins are dense, sweet and tasty, with a particularly fine grain; The ending is long, articulate, with great perspective. A wine that already in the juvenile phase associates character with balance, showing a potential for complexity of all respect.

Colline di Sopra


Like all the wines of the SOPRA line, Cabernet Franc also prefers dishes with a robust composition, even if the already excellent balance makes it able to face various combinations that pass with ease from first to second courses. The spicy character of the bouquet also easily directs it towards dishes with spicy components and mushroom-based recipes.

Colline di Sopra


16° - 18° C

Colline di Sopra

The cap

Gas chromatography selection ensures TCA-free Soc.